Our mission is to foster a healthy and equitable community for all in the Pajaro Valley through leadership in advocacy, collaboration and wellness.


We envision an equitable Pajaro Valley with health, wellness, and a full quality of life for all.


Honor – To exemplify the ultimate standard in ethical and moral behavior with respect and concern for the community we serve.

Commitment – The determination and dedication to see the community thrive.

Collaboration – Having cooperative interactions that build consensus and produce meaningful outcomes.

Wellness – The active pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles that emphasize preventing illness and improving quality of life, as opposed to emphasizing disease treatment.

Equity – An equal and fair opportunity for every individual to attain the highest level of health and wellness regardless of socioeconomic barriers

Strategic Plan 2020-2023

The Community Health Trust worked to develop an organization-wide Strategic Plan and chart a new course for the Trust. The main goal being to establish a “road map” for 2020-2023 and focus efforts towards significant impact in a changing health environment.


What came out of this Strategic Plan is a new mission, a new vision, new Core Values and new goals with strategies and tactics to use moving forward.

Strategic Plan 2020-2023 EnglishStrategic Plan 2020-2023 Spanish


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