Vision Statement

We envision a greater Pajaro Valley where all people have the knowledge and resources they need to live healthy lives, where health problems are prevented
and where there is access to culturally competent healthcare.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the health and quality of life for all people of the greater Pajaro Valley.

We do this by working “upstream” (before health problems occur or worsen) to help prevent future disease through education and disease prevention, as well as “downstream” (where problems require immediate intervention or treatment) to meet the most acute need for access to quality, culturally responsive services. In all our work, we collaborate with community members and agencies and rely on data to guide our decisions. In this way, we aim to pass on stronger systems and healthier lifestyles to future generations of Pajaro Valley residents.

Core Values

RESPECT: The Health Trust will support the pluralism that characterizes our community and will foster respect for all opinions and perspectives.

INVOLVEMENT: The Health Trust will operate openly with input from the community it serves and will encourage its grantees to do the same.

INTEGRITY: The Health Trust will maintain a clear, fair decision-making process. Its decisions will be transparent and consistent with policy and
demonstrated health needs. It will also ensure that the decision-making process is protected from undue influence from parties with self-interest.

FINANCIAL STEWARDSHIP: The Health Trust will manage its assets to assure long-term growth as well as to make effective allocations from its annual proceeds.

RACIAL AND ECONOMIC EQUITY: The Health Trust will strive to reduce health disparities so that all have equal access to health services.