Caroline Eiskamp

Caroline grew up in the San Francisco bay area, attending college at UC Riverside and the University of the Pacific, receiving a BA in Biology, and a Pharm.D (Doctor of Pharmacy), and is a Registered Pharmacist. She moved to the Pajaro Valley in 1990 to develop a Clinical Pharmacy program at Watsonville Community Hospital. During her tenure, and eventually, as the Director of Pharmacy Services, she worked to improve communication and medication education, implemented a more effective medication distribution system, and promoted improved patient care and staff productivity. Caroline left pharmacy practice in 2000 to raise her young children and work with her husband John on their 6th generation family farm. With her interests in health care and opportunities as an employer to influence employee health, she has been a long supporter of comprehensive health care especially as it relates to employees in agriculture.

Caroline joined Community Health Trust in 2006 and served on the Grants Review Committee, and as GRC Chair, Board Vice-Chair, and finally as Board Chair before her 8-year term ended in 2014. Her interests in promoting and supporting education, careers in health professions and promoting greater health and food security to our Pajaro Valley population, still align with those of CHT and prompted her to return to the Board in 2016 where she now serves on the GRC as Co-Chair. When farming allows, she enjoys traveling, attending Porsche events with her husband, wine tasting, and spending time with her family.