This year’s Health Forum will address the relationship between Diabetes and Oral Health and feature two keynote speakers, Jerry Brown, DMD, CDE, of the University of South Florida, and Sepi Taghvaei, DDS, Chief Dental Officer of Dientes Community Dental.

Dr. Brown will discuss the ways diabetes and oral health affect one another generally, while Dr. Sepi will approach the topic from a context specific to our region, including challenges and successes. The Forum will conclude with a panel of individuals from relevant sectors, available to answer audience questions around practices, policy, and services.

Forum attendees will:

  • Review the landscape of oral health in Santa Cruz County
  • Review utilization data for dental services in Santa Cruz County
  • Review challenges in access to affordable oral healthcare
  • Review ways to increase access to oral health for diabetic patients in our community

and leave with the knowledge to:

  • Describe the impact of diabetes on oral health and list the oral disease entities involved.
  • Describe how oral pathology can affect glycemic stability and discuss how dental treatment effects hyperglycemia.
  • Recognize the criteria for a dental referral upon conducting an assessment and describe how dentistry and medicine can collaborate on patient-centered care.

CME Credit will be available.