Regional Diabetes Collaborative (RDC)

In 2001, the Health Trust convened a Regional Diabetes Collaborative (RDC) comprised of more than 40 public and private member agencies, as well as medical providers and consumer representatives to support, promote, and coordinate efforts to prevent and manage diabetes in Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz Counties.


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Diabetes Health Fair

The RDC is committed to reducing and managing diabetes in Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito counties through the following goals:

  • Partnerships with private, public, governmental, and community-based organizations to prevent diabetes.
  • Increased public awareness and diabetes education.
  • Promotion of best practices in clinical management to improve treatment effectiveness for diabetes.
  • Improved availability, accessibility, and affordability of treatment services, medicines, and equipment for diabetes patients.
  • Development and implementation of a policy advocacy plan designed to address diabetes.

To view more details, please view our Strategic Plan

Central Coast Oral Health Collaborative (CCOHC)

The Central Coast Oral Health Collaborative (CCOHC) was convened by the Pajaro Valley Community Health Trust in July 2007 in an effort to improve the oral health status of the Central Coast’s low-income and underserved populations by advocating for increased prevention, access and awareness.


  • Increase access and decrease barriers to oral health services;
  • Decrease the burden of oral disease through promotion of oral health and primary prevention; and
  • Advocate for policy reforms at the state and local levels that improve the oral health of underserved populations in our community.

For more information on the Central Coast Oral Health Collaborative and inquiries regarding membership participation, please contact Program Staff, phone 761-5695, or email.

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