When the nonprofit Watsonville Community Hospital was sold in September 1998, a new era in healthcare was launched in the Pajaro Valley along the borders of Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Benito Counties. Proceeds from the hospital’s sale created the Pajaro Valley Community Health Trust (Community Health Trust) – the first locally-governed 501(c)3 nonprofit healthcare foundation in the Pajaro Valley.

With the launch of our 2020-2023 Strategic Plan, we have a new and broader Mission, to foster a healthy and equitable community for all in the Pajaro Valley through leadership in advocacy, collaboration and wellness.

We embrace a comprehensive definition of wellness that includes the pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles that emphasize preventing disease. We envision an equitable Pajaro Valley with health, wellness, and a full quality of life for all.

Our funds support local organizations that aim to improve wellness and build equity in the Pajaro Valley.

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Honor – To exemplify the ultimate standard in ethical and moral behavior with respect and concern for the community we serve.

Commitment – The determination and dedication to see the community thrive.

Collaboration – Having cooperative interactions that build consensus and produce meaningful outcomes.

Wellness – The active pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles that emphasize preventing illness and improving quality of life, as opposed to emphasizing disease treatment.

Equity – An equal and fair opportunity for every individual to attain the highest level of health and wellness regardless of socioeconomic barriers