Each year, the Health Trust provides approximately over $200,000 in small grants  to nonprofit organizations whose efforts promote health and quality of life for Pajaro Valley residents. Grant funding connects people to healthcare in times of need, but also strengthens organizations that are helping people to make health-improving lifestyle choices – to eat healthier, exercise regularly, and take steps to respond to factors in their lives that cause disease or lead to good health.


Eligibility Criteria

In general:

  • The Health Trust’s Board prefers not to fund programs or projects administered by government agencies, with the exception of school-based health programs closely aligned with the HealthTrust’s mission.
  • The Health Trust does not generally provide capacity-building, core operating, or capital grants.
  • While there is no formal policy about the number of consecutive years an organization is eligible to receive support from the Health Trust, grantees are typically invited to take a year’s hiatus from applying after four consecutive grants.

Grant Opportunities: 2018-2019 PV Community Health Trust Grants

Awarded Grants

Reporting Forms (For Current Grantees)

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We do not fund:

  • Individuals, with the exception of the Health Trust’s scholarship programs.
  • Religious organizations for purposes of evangelizing, proselytizing, or converting.
  • Endowments, building campaigns, annual fund appeals, fundraising events or celebrations.
  • Commercial ventures.
  • Previously-completed activities.
  • Debt reduction.

At the discretion of the Board, the Health Trust’s grantmaking policies may be modified in response to changing circumstances and priorities. Any changes to the grantmaking policies will be announced via local media, on this website, and through our social media channels.