In partnership with Second Harvest Food Bank, the FFHPC was convened by the Health Trust in 2018 in response to the reality that for many Pajaro Valley residents, the healthy choice is not always the easiest or most accessible choice when it comes to food and activity.


The mission of the Pajaro Valley Food, Farming, and Health Policy Council is to cultivate equitable food systems that foster health for all.


The vision of FFHPC is a community where culturally relevant, nutritious food is accessible and affordable for all; agriculture is sustainable, fairly produced, and a vibrant component of the local economy; and where people can be healthy and live free of preventable disease.


  • Establish policies, informed by experts and the voices of people with lived experience, that create a community environment where every resident has access to healthy food and safe public spaces for physical activity
  • Increase enrollment and utilization of federal food programs
  • Decrease availability of unhealthy options; deepen understanding of community issues that drive the over utilization of unhealthy options and explore practical, policy, and market changes that can be positively influenced by the Council.


  • Equity – Hold up food as a human right. Raise up health for all. Engage the underrepresented; broaden participation in conversation and decision-making.
  • Environment – Protect and restore air, water, soil, biodiversity, and climate to sustain healthy food systems; reduce pollution and food waste.
  • Community – Uphold the dignity of every person. Work toward compassionate and functional immigration and labor practices in support of our local food system. Promote justice, love, and peace with our neighborhoods and across communities.

Initiatives Supported by the FFHPC

California Food Policy Council Annual Report